Travel easel made with seasoned artists and little artists in mind, the Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed range is now complete with this brilliant little box easel made for travelling!

This travel box easel is an extremely handy and lightweight timber box that looks just like a mini briefcase! It’s made from strong and durable Beechwood, ensuring its resistance to wear and tear while travelling. It’s fine grain and soft beige and brown variations in colour make the brown leather strap and brass screws on the case stand out with chic, vintage flair. This is the only easel you may ever need; The amazing quality means you’ll have it for years and years to come.

Three roomy storage compartments inside the box fit a variety of art supplies for a multitude of mediums. Load this cute case up with pencils, paper, paper stumps, charcoal, erasers, and manikins to make it the perfect carrier for those who love to sketch on the go.

Favoured by professional watercolourists and oil painters, it’s the first-choice supply box for artists who love to paint. It’s able to fit a variety of different paintbrush sizes, long and short, as well as tubes of paint. You may even be able to squeeze your A4 canvas, 9×12 inch paper palette, or journal into it too! The best part of this convenient little case is that each storage compartment is made from removable timber braces, giving you the versatility to change the storage sizes to fit your needs and size of supplies with ease.

The Finer Details – Dimensions for the Travel Easel

The full height extension of the Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed Travel Box Easel is 54 cm, 540 mm with a width of 26.5 cm, 265 mm and an overall outside depth of 8 cm, 80 mm. For reference, this is able to comfortably hold the minimum size of an A3 pad, drawing board, or canvas in a portrait position.

The top of the Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed Travel Box Easel can be adjusted into an upright position or to an angle of your preference to hold your working surface, canvas, or drawing board. You don’t have to unload your supplies to fold it out; your art supplies can stay neatly tucked away in the box while you work. This all-in-one easel and art storage case is essential for the artist who wants to create at a moment’s notice!

This lightweight, compact case is great to take on holidays because it doesn’t take up much room in the car and it can be carried on an aeroplane. Keep your kids busy with art projects or take a time out for yourself to sketch and paint in a quiet park while you’re away. Pack it how you like, take it where you like, create whenever you like! Adults and kids will both love the convenience and flexibility of this stylish and portable box easel. The Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed Travel Box Easel is sure to be an essential you won’t leave home without!