Warhol’s Wife Studio Gouache: Have you ever wished you could paint with colours that keep their vibrancy long after drying? Prepare to dive into the lush, vibrant world of Warhol’s Wife Studio gouache.

Known for its intense hues and opaqueness saturated with pigments tailored to fit your unique flair. Whether you’re starting your creative journey or a seasoned professional, Warhol’s Wife Studio gouache promises to elevate your work. 

Imagine breathing life into your illustrations and giving depth to your designs. Think of the uncharted territories of colour theory, waiting to be explored. With Warhol’s Wife Studio gouache, all this and more is achievable. 

It’s not merely about producing art. It’s about the personal voyage of self-expression and the sheer pleasure of crafting something truly unique. The inner achievement of watching a blank canvas transform into an explosion of colour and emotion and the satisfaction that comes with the final stroke of your brush is priceless.

So gear up to elevate your creative game, drench your work in vibrant hues and experience the joy of creation in its purest form. The world of Warhol’s Wife Studio gouache is ready to welcome you. 

Dive in, express, and let the colours speak your story

Imagine… each colour you see is a story waiting to be told, and each stroke you make is a testament to your limitless imagination and creativity. Isn’t it fascinating? Remember, in the realm of art, there are no boundaries – only infinite possibilities. Let Warhol’s Wife Studio gouache be your loyal companion on this thrilling journey.

Embrace the promise of enduring colours, from vibrant hues that capture the heart to soft shades that caress the soul. Every tone is an opportunity for self-expression. 

Remember, every masterpiece starts with a single stroke. It could be a line, a dot, or a swirl. Whatever it may be, it’s the beginning of something personal and unique to your story. 

Warhol’s Wife Studio Gouache is a perfect blend where creativity meets quality 

“Mastering the art of using gouache doesn’t have to be daunting. Keep these ten top tips in mind, and you’ll be well on your way to elevating your creativity to new heights.” Australian artist Nicki Comelli 

1. Start small – Let your creativity flow bit by bit.

2. Experiment with textures – Textures can add depth to your work.

Hot tip

  • Only create a little texture in your work. Gouache does tend to crack.   

3. Focus on light – Understanding how light affects colour is crucial.

4. Be patient – Allow each layer to dry before applying the next.

5. Use the right brush – Each brush serves a different purpose.

Hot tip

Soft Taklon/Nylon paintbrushes are the best. They will give you smooth, even blends with no brush retention lines. 

6. Mix your colours – Creating your shades can be rewarding.

7. Keeping your palette clean will ensure your colours stay true.

8. Practice – The more you paint, the better progress you will get.

9. Stay curious – Always be on the lookout for new techniques.

10. Have fun – Enjoy bringing your visions to life. 

So, are you ready to begin your journey with Warhol’s Wife studio gouache? Start painting your story today.

Choose your paintbrush wisely

Diving into the world of gouache requires the correct tools to begin with. The choice of a paintbrush can make or break your artwork. 

“I can’t help but recommend Taklon brushes; their soft bristles and synthetic fibres don’t absorb water. Plus, they offer the smoothest application for those intricate strokes.”


Now, let’s talk paperweights. Heavier, more substantial paper, is the real hero for gouache. It can handle the weight of the paint without a hint of warping. 300gsm plus paperweights will give you the best results.


A porcelain palette can be your unsung partner when working with gouache. This smooth operator makes mixing your colours a breeze and cleaning up afterwards a delight. And yes, paint colours show up true to their nature on porcelain.

Clean water is an artist’s secret weapon for clear and crisp colours. You’ll be surprised by the difference this simple trick can make.

Always remember, when painting, work from light to dark. This method lets you build layers and depth in your artwork without compromising the vibrancy of your colours.

  • Work from light to dark: Start with light colours and gradually add darker colours as needed.

Hot tip

A word of caution: Gouache dries darker than when it is wet. So, remember this while mixing your colours. 

The first brushstrokes should be the base layers. They set the stage for your artwork, allowing the ensuing colours to pop and create a stunning impact.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with the amount of water you add. A bit more water gives a watercolour-like effect, while less water results in a bolder, more opaque look.

Extra hot tips

Add life to your artwork with a fine brush, perfect for those tiny, intricate details that make your piece stand out.

Finally, lighten up your colours using titanium white gouache. 

Why gouache and not acrylic

Have you ever found yourself amid a vivid palette, paint brushes in hand, and a blank canvas before you, contemplating the distinction between acrylic paint and gouache? The answer lies in the subtleties of their composition, the way they behave, and their finish.

Acrylics are renowned for their long-lasting vibrance. They dry swiftly and, once dried, are impervious to water, standing the test of time without fading. If a dense, opaque finish resembling oil paint is what you desire, acrylics are your go-to. 

Gouache, on the flip side, offers a unique matte finish, toning down the shine yet amplifying the allure. It dries quicker than acrylic but possesses an attractive attribute—it reawakens when in contact with water, allowing for amendments and alterations even after initial drying. 

So, what distinguishes the two? It’s the finish—glossy and bold for acrylic, flat and velvety for gouache. Their flexibility also sets them apart – with acrylics being waterproof post-drying and gouache remaining changeable.

Your selection between acrylic and gouache will rely on the effect and style you wish to convey in your artwork. Both possess distinctive traits that can bring your creations to life in their unique manner. 

The real question is about something other than which is superior but which caters to your artistic vision more proficiently. 

Gouache can offer a rewarding artistic journey, imparting a fresh perspective to your creativity. So, grab your brush, set up your paint palette, and let your imagination soar. Remember, the magic in art lies in the journey. Feel free to experiment with these guidelines and discover what resonates with your unique style.

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Warhol’s Wife Studio Gouache

  • 56 colours in range
  • 100ml pouch
  • Opaque
  • Matte/satin finish
  • Re-workable when wet
  • Vibrant colours
  • Waterbased

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