Have you ever wanted to learn the art of watercolour painting, or are you looking for an art kit for that professional painter you know?

The Art Materials Australia watercolour painting kit is full of goodies for both the beginner and experienced painter.

Warhol’s Wife hake paintbrushes

Warhol’s Wife hake paintbrushes in sizes 1.5 and 2 inches are made of goat hair. They both feature long smooth raw timber handles, and a painted colour tip can quickly identify each one on the end of the brush. Hake paintbrushes are made using a traditional Japanese method; the goat hair is bound into two flat wood pieces that form the handle. The stitched wire that holds the hair between the timber is strong even though this is a very delicately designed brush.

The soft flat hairs of this brush make it ideal for painting glazes on ceramic, varnishing artwork in any medium; You can use water-based and turps-based varnishes with hake brushes. Some also use hake brushes to apply gesso as it will give a nice even brushstroke free finish. They are loved by watercolourists, even though these paintbrushes have multi-uses. The hair on these paintbrushes can absorb a tremendous amount of liquid: ink, mediums and water; This makes them perfect for creating background washes and watercolour blooming techniques. It can cover large expansive areas in a small amount of time. They are great for wetting surfaces and for absorbing excess water or paints. You can create subtle textures too with a hake paintbrush with a dry brush technique.

Pro Hart Swagger fluid brushes in the watercolour painting art kit

This set of six fluid brushes are excellent for travelling. Fill these brushes with water, ink or medium and be off on your way. This pack consists of three round and three-flat paintbrushes. They are excellent to pair with a small travel journal, some fine waterproof liners and water-soluble crayons, pencils or paints; Making them a great all-rounder brush. The nylon bristles on these fluid brushes are firm but flexible and will hold colour well. You can paint precise marks with the Pro Hart Swagger paintbrushes, and the translucent easy to squeeze barrel allows you to see exactly how much fluid you are squeezing out at the time of painting. You can fill these brushes over and over again. The Pro Hart Swagger set includes small, medium and large round and square tips.

Warhol’s Wife round Squirrel hair paintbrush

Natural haired paintbrushes can hold a considerable amount of fluid; Porous hair has no comparison to nylon/Taklon bristles. Its fluid capacity is three to four times more than a synthetic version. The short handle on the Warhol’s Wife paintbrush fits beautifully in your hand while you paint, giving you extra control. The soft hairs on this brush allow you to make significant, juicy marks with one stroke of the brush. They are guaranteed to give you excellent colour carrying capacity and control. The no.2 round brush is ideal for background washes, and it will provide you with nice clean lines every time it is used. This brush is simply beautiful, one of our best sellers. It is a brush, if treated right, will last you the test of time.

Warhol’s Wife No.9, 8 and 6 round Taklon paintbrushes

Round Taklon brushes come in a great range of sizes for the watercolour painter in your life. They hold their shape well even after vigorous use and vary rarely shed hairs when used correctly. Round paint brushes are great to use with watercolour paints as they give you an immense amount of control when doing dry brushing techniques, highlighting and line work. Many botanical artists and photo realists use Taklon paintbrushes to achieve their photo like results in a painting.

Warhol’s Wife colour shaper

Included in this set is a great little tool that watercolour artists can use with their masking fluid. This silicone tipped paintbrush will allow the painter to add masking fluid to their artwork with ease. You don’t need to ruin a paintbrush, and the best part is you won’t have any hair retention lines in the medium as you work with it. The silicone tip of the brush allows the masking fluid to flow directly and smoothly onto the paper. Cleaning this unique art tool is easy, too, and all you need to do is wipe it with some paper towel or a rag. You can use colour shapers for many different applications; Using them with masking fluid is just one.

Mona’s Smile paper palette

This 9×12 inch paper palette is excellent for use anywhere. Lightweight and portable. Squeeze a small amount of watercolour paint from the tube onto the palette and get painting. Each sheet in the paper palette pad has been specially coated; There is no need to worry about paint seeping through, which allows you to start fresh every time. Once you have used the sheet, fold it up and throw it away. If you want to keep the same colour palette going, that is easy too. Leave the paint to dry on the palette and re-wet the next time you are painting.

So what do you get in the watercolour painting art kit?

The Art Materials Australia watercolour kit is an all-rounder art kit, whether you want to take up watercolour painting or are a seasoned professional. Every artist loves new art supplies at whatever point in their artistic career, so why not give the gift of creativity with these quality art supplies?

Designed by artists for artists.

Watercolour painting art kit includes:

– 1.5 inch Warhol’s Wife hake paintbrush
– 2 inch Warhol’s Wife hake paintbrush
– 6pc Pro Hart Swagger fluid brush pack
– No.2 Warhol’s Wife round Squirrel hair paintbrush
– Size 6 Warhol’s Wife Taklon paintbrush
– Size 8 Warhol’s Wife Taklon paintbrush
– Size 9 Warhol’s Wife Taklon paintbrush