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Carry all art bag; The Starry Night by Van Gogh’s Ear is a custom-designed boutique art supply satchel designed by Australian artists Jessica Skye Baker and Nicole Baker @bakercollection.

Embrace your INDIVIDUALITY and LOVE of all things UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL with this carry all art bag

The Starry Night by Van Gogh’s Ear is the hottest carry all art bag going around. It is an excellent gift for the professional artist in your life or for anyone who likes organisation. This gorgeous art supply bag is perfect for a watercolourist or urban sketcher. It will easily fit art accessories, paint brushes, paints, pencils, and a5 pad and any other small art supplies.

The Starry Night art satchel features ten leather loops for small, medium and large short handle paintbrushes, markers, pencils and drawing accessories. Dip and cartridge calligraphy pens will also work beautifully in this bag. This unique art satchel will also snugly fit an a5 drawing or watercolour pad. There are two hidden zipped compartments in the art supplies satchel one sits asymmetrically at the front of the bag, and the other is sewn in at the top.

The Starry Night art supply satchel is a keepsake bag, something special that can be handed down from generation to generation. They are crafted from soft, slouchy leather in tan, black, Australian bush green, apostle blue, burnt orange and unique cowhides each one of the Starry Night bags are individually cut and created. The inside of the art bag and the loops match the same soft leather as the outside. Inside the hidden pouches, you will find luxurious linen lining. The wrap around asymmetrical design features a hidden magnetic clasp that securely holds all your art supplies in place. On the outside of the bag, you will find two brass hooks firmly sewn into the leather with these you can attach or detach a long thin strap that allows you to carry the art supplies satchel over your cross shoulder. A smaller loop strap also comes with the Starry Night bag that re-attaches, this is perfect if you want to secure the art satchel around your wrist. At the front of the all in one carrier, the van Gogh’s Ear signature is embossed onto the leather surface.

Find Yourself an Unmissable Style with the Van Gogh’s Ear Collection of Art Satchels

This handy carry all is an inspiration within itself, no need to repack, unpack or carry around heavy timber boxes or fishing tackle cases when it comes to your art supplies. Just pick up the Starry Night art satchel and go. Stylishly designed and made out of the finest materials. This is a piece that will be envied where ever you take it a café, plein air, studio or an art class. The Starry Night satchel is incredibly practical and extremely stylish to complement and look.

The Starry Night art supply satchel measures 29cm in width and 18cm in height when closed. When open and lying flat, the art satchel measures 36cm in width. The top hidden pocket is 15cm deep and 23cm wide, and the front pocket compartment is 24cm wide and 14cm deep.

Enjoy the characteristics of this elegant art satchel. No two Van Gogh Ear art bags, brush holders, pencil holders, wraps or art satchels are the same. They are unique.