Artist Easel; Designed for artists by artists.

Have you been on the hunt for an artist easel that has many possibilities, but an important criteria is that it is affordably priced? The Workshop Easel by Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed is made from quality Beechwood that features gold metal bolts, nuts and screws. The price is of the most affordable in its range.

In the art supplies world, the shape/style of the Workshop easel is also commonly referred to and known as an ‘A’ frame easel. Simply because it looks like the uppercase letter A.

The workshop easel by Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed has many uses. It is a popular choice for holding signage at exhibitions and to display artwork events, galleries, and weddings.

The easel can hold large artwork or signage with ease; up to two meters (200cm) in height if you slide the head off the top of the easel. If you are wanting to use the head of the easel to secure a board or canvas, then the maximum size it will hold is one-meter 30cm (130cm). 

The Workshop Easel by Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed holds a standard 3.8cm thick stretched canvas as well as a 1.9cm stretched thin frame canvas, and is sturdy enough to hold a large drawing board. It will hold anything up to 5cm in thickness.

The adjustable front holder (the ‘lip’ that holds the working surface) moves up and down on a metal ratchet. You can easily view artwork or signage on a variety of heights. The metal ratchet gives you the option of 11 viewing heights. The back leg of the easel can be angled at various degrees for easy working positions.

The Workshop Easel by Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed is an easel that will withstand time even in highly trafficked areas and with consistent classroom and studio use. It is a popular choice of easel for beginner, intermediate, and advanced creators, and can be used for acrylic and oil painting. It is a great easel for large sketching work with charcoal and pastel, as it will hold a drawing board with clips and large sheets of bulky news easily.

You can choose to stand or sit at the Workshop Easel by Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed. Whatever your height, wherever you want to set up, and whatever medium you choose, this is a quality, solid easel.