Artist Palette Knives; The 9pc palette knife set Warhol’s Wife is an all-rounder functional set. Whether you are acrylic, oil, gouache or watercolour painter, clay sculptor or love all things creative, this set will serve you well. Each knife is perfect for mixing paint colours, mediums or creating textural marks.

Do you love textural work, thick layers of acrylic or oil paint? Are you into creating a painting purely with the impressionistic strokes of a palette knife? Or do you enjoy working with the thickness of a gel impasto or texture paste? If you are, then this set is ideal. It is an all in one, an excellent gift for a professional artist or art enthusiast who has everything else but the studio sink! You can very quickly paint an artwork entirely using the Warhol’s Wife palette knives.

Even if you love to mix paints and mediums with your artist palette knives, with ease, you will be able to add small amounts of black into a blue-green colour to get a vibrant turquoise. Or create shades, tints and tones of hues on whatever working surface you have.

Professional artists’ will love the 9pc palette knife set by Warhol’s Wife along with beginners, students and intermediate creators. There are nine different sizes and styles to choose from in the set no.1 is a small palette knife that is ideal for use when mixing small quantities of paints or creating small linear or spotted textures. The length of the palette knife is 3cm, and the width of the knife is 1.2cm from the base and tappers to 0.2cm to the tip. Palette knife no.2 is 4cm in length, 1.6cm at the widest width and 0.3cm at the point. No.3 has a stainless-steel length of 5cm base width of 1.9cm and tip point of 0.3cm. The no.4 palette knife is 6cm in length, 1.9cm in the base and 0.3cm in the tip. The no.5 palette knife is 5.7cm in length and has a 2.5cm wide base and a tip of 0.5cm. The last four palette knives measure in at no.6 7cm and a base of 2.2cm tip being 0.4cm. No.7 length is 7.9cm base is 1.7cm and tip 0.6cm. No.8 is the longest palette knife out of the Warhol’s Wife set the stainless-steel knife is 9cm in length, 2.8cm at its widest and 0.7cm at the tip. The last palette knife that completes the set is no.9 which measures in at 6cm in length 2.9cm at its widest and 0.4cm at the tip.

Small, medium, large, long, short, round or squared off there is a palette knife in this set that will work for you. Each Warhol’s Wife palette knife is made from firm but flexible stainless steel, each handle features quality lacquered timber that fits ergonomically into the creators’ hand. Each handle has the trademark signature of Warhol’s Wife embossed in metallic gold. The handle length of each knife is 11.2cm in length and will easily fit into an art box or case.

Find the best palette knives available in the Australian art supplies market at Art Materials Australia, buy online or in-store. You can even witness them in use in the Artworx studio art classes and workshops. Many professionals around Australia have already used and owned their very own Warhol’s Wife palette knives. If you like just one of these beautifully crafted palette knife styles, you can purchase them individually.

The Warhol’s Wife palette knives are perfect for professional artists, creative hobbyists, art students and teachers alike. Warhol’s Wife is an Australian brand created by abstract artist Nicole Baker; The Warhol’s Wife palette knives are quality art materials designed by artists for artists, and Art Materials Australia is the wholesaler of this brand.

Artist Palette Knives by Warhol’s Wife

No.1 3cm blade length widest width 1.2cm tappers to tip of 0.2cm

No.2 4cm blade length widest width 1.6cm tappers to tip 0.3cm

No.3 5cm blade length widest width 1.9cm tappers to tip 0.3cm

No.4 6cm blade length widest width 1.9cm tappers to tip 0.3cm

No.5 5.7cm blade length widest width 2.5cm tappers to tip 0.5cm

No.6 7cm blade length widest width 2.2cm tappers to tip 0.4cm

No.7 7.9cm blade length widest width 1.7cm tappers to tip 0.6cm

No.8 9cm blade length widest width 2.8cm tappers to tip 0.7cm

No.9 6cm blade length widest width 2.9cm tappers to tip 0.4cm