The Paintwell canvas line is a budget, yet still high standard, range of canvases made specifically with beginners and students in mind. Even though this canvas is very economically priced, it is excellent quality; Cheap blank canvas for painting, in acrylic, oil or for mixed media. We have you covered. Paintwell canvases are perfect for use when an artist is still honing their skill set, or if they are an art student on a budget. The Paintwell thick profile edges canvases are made with a quality seven oz/380gsm canvas, that is both acid-free and has non-yellowing properties; This is important to ensure the durability and longevity of the artwork. It includes three coatings of gesso (a hardened compound of plaster or whiting, mixed with glue) on the 100% cotton duck fabric. These canvases are most suitable for acrylic and oil paint, as well as mixed media work.

Keep it simple with the Paintwell cheap blank canvas for painting and mixed media

As Edgar Degas once said: Painting is easy if you are not sure how to do it, but somehow it becomes difficult when you know how. We can each explain this from our own perspective; To me, it means that beginner artists and students take baby steps, and carefully choose the equipment that will give them the most accessible surface on which to express themselves. Using the Paintwell thick profile edge canvas as your cheap blank canvas for painting or mixed media is all about keeping it simple. If you are after quality at an economical price, then you are guaranteed to get a result of which you can be proud of when using a Paintwell surface.

The timber stretcher bars on this canvas range are made from quality pine, which makes them very sturdy. Usually, budget canvases are made of a lighter craft type of timber that can lead to twisting and warping. The Paintwell canvas range do not. With a 30mm (approximate) profile edge that is entirely staple-free, these canvases will give beginners and students the feel of painting on an artist quality canvas but without the expense. This enables the novice painter to run free with whatever project they have in mind, without the worries of breaking the bank if it turns out wrong.

The Paintwell cheap blank canvas for painting or mixed media range is a popular choice among art teachers for their school supplies; This is because of the brands’ affordable prices, and the fact that they range in canvas size selection from petite 6×6 inches to enormous 48×71 inches. With all of the Paintwell standard art canvas sizes, there will be a canvas that will suit almost any project you have in mind. Look upon this as a chance to experiment until your heart is content.

Paintwell is one of the very best canvas ranges, particularly if you are ordering in bulk. For quotes on box lots at wholesale pricing with purchase orders, please contact an Art Materials Australia representative. The Paintwell range also carries a thin profile-edged canvas and canvas board range; Very suitable if you need an even more budget-friendly value for money item. Paintwell is one of the very best standard quality canvases for the cost-conscious artist. They are perfect for use at on-location painting, for portraits, still-life and in the classroom, for all your cheap blank canvas painting and mixed media projects think Paintwell canvases. Price doesn’t always reflect quality.