Embossing tool set; The Pro Hart Swagger stainless steel ball styluses are best described as the most multipurpose art tools around. When it comes to art supplies, no kit is complete without a set of styluses. Some of the wide range of uses embossing styluses provide are:

•    Can be used in pencil illustrations on heavyweight paper or cardstock to emboss the surface; This makes the drawing look more life-like and gives it dimension.

•    Used for drawing onto carbon paper or tracing paper to transfer images.

•    Great for adding detailed impressions in both Polymer and natural clays before baking.

•    Will glide over and impress into copper and metal embossing sheets.

•    Embossing tools are the perfect ideal instrument to use with scratchboard and for scratching back oil pastel art.

•    Perfect for adding texture to a Gelli plate and creating texture in collagraph prints.

The Pro Hart Swagger embossing tools are great to use in dripping techniques. Acrylic and shellac inks can be used along with fluid acrylic paint. If the mediums you are using are paints, fine painterly dots can be achieved by using a flow acrylic. If you like the transparency of alcohol and shellac ink; Colours can be dropped onto one and other to create layers.

Also, finally, a personal favourite in our Artworx studios – they are great tools for scratching back both acrylic and oil paint in an abstract layered painting.

The Pro Hart Swagger embossing tool set consists of 5 pieces. Each tool has two unique steel ends for creating different diameter impressions. Each embossing tool features a short 10cm cylinder handle that fits comfortably in your hand but is also utilitarian enough to fit into a pencil case or an art box. The overall size of the styluses in this set is 13cm long, from top to bottom.

The first thing you will notice about this embossing stylus set is the perfect balance and precision of each tool. The short handle gives the artist, crafter or hobbyist greater control, whether the work is close up and intricate or free flow swirls. When the tools are pushed over a flexible material or into the surface itself, there is more control and less chance of a mistake happening; Truly, the embossing and texture capabilities of these styluses can’t be listed here as they offer many different application techniques.

Graphic designers love to use these tools for scoring paper and card stock for beautifully outstanding results. If you’re making your wedding invitations or themed occasional stationery, embossing tools can score the edges for an artisanal feel. You can also use the tools to create clean, crisp folding lines on an invitation or place card for a confident and professional presentation.

Each smooth, rounded tip measures in diameter sizes: 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm.