Filbert paintbrushes are favoured by many contemporary and traditional artists. The Warhol’s Wife filbert brushes feature a soft synthetic hair that produces excellent blending and feathering whether you work with acrylics or oil paints. It is also a very capable paintbrush if you enjoy watercolour and paint with a more direct and controlled brush stroke.

What do the Warhol’s Wife filbert paintbrushes feature?

The Warhol’s Wife filbert paintbrushes feature an oval-shaped head. Their ferrules are jam-packed with fine soft hairs that keep their shape and rarely shed. If ever. The secure chrome-plated brass ferrules hold the brush hairs firmly. They won’t wiggle or fall apart. These brushes have been quality controlled by Australian artists to the highest of Australian standards. The Warhol’s Wife filberts feature synthetic bristles that have microscopic pockmarks that replicate natural porous hair. This gives the brushes the ability to have excellent loading power, whether using acrylics, oils, mediums, or any other type of paint.


The Warhol’s Wife filbert paintbrushes have a short lacquered handle which allows for controlled brush strokes; They fit ergonomically and ideally in the creators’ hands. The Warhol’s Wife filbert paint brushes include sizes: no. 2, 6, 10, 14, 18 and 24, and if you are already a fan of filbert paint brushes, a six-piece set is also available.

What exactly are filbert paintbrushes, and what does it do?

A filbert paintbrush is a narrow flat paintbrush with a rounded point. Use it on its side, and a filbert will give you a thin line. Using it flat will provide you with a broad paintbrush stroke; Or by varying your hand pressure as you apply the paint or medium to your working surface, you will create a tapering mark.

The unique brush shape of the head will produce smooth rounded strokes and makes them perfect for edging effects. This versatile paintbrush is excellent for quick layouts, detailing, and creating brush stroke lines that naturally form a curved start and finish.

Creators can use the filbert paintbrush for a vast array of painting techniques. But it is loved by botanical and landscape artists as its smooth rounded head can produce a petal of a flower or a leaf with one effortless stroke.

Suppose you want to create a landscape with depth. Below the horizon line, paint foliage with ease using small filbert brushes no.2 and 6. If you are painting a detailed still life, these sized paintbrushes are also perfect.

The flat and oval-shaped end of the Warhol’s Wife paintbrush bristles features medium hair length, making them excellent for blending soft rounded edges.

Because the filbert paintbrush is a combination of a round brush and a flat one, it can provide detail like a round brush; But it can cover more space than a round as it has the flatness of the brush.

Learn to work the Warhol’s Wife paint brushes thick, soft oval-shaped head. It is the master of flow and will make smooth lines look rounded with ease.

Many artists and hobbyists favour filberts as they quickly can produce a variety of brush strokes.

If you are a contemporary or abstract painter, you will love the Warhol’s Wife filbert brushes as they can lay down colour smoothly. Blending or feathering is also easy. These filbert paint brushes are excellent for basing rounded objects, and you won’t have to deal with any squared corners jutting out from your paintbrush. If you are working large scale and wanting to fill in the background of your working surface with rounded full circles, ovals, semi-circles or curves, the large no.24 filbert paintbrush is excellent for this.

The more you play with the filbert paintbrush and become familiar with it, you will discover different ways to use it. The Warhol’s Wife paintbrush is an excellent brush for acrylics and oils; Load it up and go. But not too much. You want to be able to see the shape of the brush head. Ideally, you don’t want the brush head to be fattened or overloaded with your medium; Otherwise, the shape of the brush can’t do its work for you. You want to be able to see that nice round tip.

Caring for your filbert paintbrushes

Clean your brushes with warm soapy water or a good paintbrush cleaner; This will ensure the longevity of the bristles. Wash them straight after use and lay them flat on some paper towel or an absorbent cloth to draw any moisture from the ferrule. Storing them flat is best or standing up in a glass jar. Never store your paintbrushes in a pot with the bristles down. They will warp out of shape, and it is tough to rescue them.

As an artist, you fall in love with your tools, especially if they can do a job for you easily and quickly. As you paint, you will become aware and familiar with your paintbrushes characteristics. The more you paint, you will discover your favourite brush and what it can accomplish.

The Warhol’s Wife filbert paintbrushes can create magic with just one sweep. The Warhol’s Wife paintbrush collection is made for artists by Australian artists. They are suitable for a professional painter, intermediate and beginner. Hobby painters who enjoy painting model cars and gaming figurines will also love these paintbrushes, along with face paint enthusiasts.

At Art Materials Australia, we are all artists ourselves and understand the value of good art supplies. The Warhol’s Wife filbert paint brushes are beautiful to work with; You will love them. Together a passion for art.