Paper palettes; They say that a journey begins with the first step. And it could also be said that a functional artist kit begins with the Mona’s Smile Paper Palette Pad. The absolute “No mess, no fuss” palette that allows the artist to tear off the previous colour choices and start afresh with new ones. No scraping, no medium build-up, and no delay.

The Mona’s Smile Paper Palette is 23×30.5cm (9×12 inches) in size and roughly 2cm thick. These are the perfect dimensions to allow the artist to hold it for long periods without discomfort. The pad consists of 40 sheets of wax coated paper, 60gsm in weight. It is this combination of impermeability and thickness that stops any bleed through of wet medium in its tracks. The Mona’s Smile paper palette has a hard boxboard back that makes the palette rigid and easy to hold. There is a thumb hole cut in the bottom of the palette, making it very similar in feel and look of a traditional wooden palette. Each of the 40 sheets is glue-bound at the top of the pad for effortless tearing and quick disposal.  

Paper palettes were developed by artists for artists. Having a tear-away medium mixing surface is perfect when a quick change from warm tones to cool ones is needed. Every artist has experienced that dreaded colour blend moment when everything on the palette has accidentally turned brown. In one instant, the paper palette disposes of the evidence, and you will be able to begin your colour selection all over again.

What Mediums can I use with the Mona’s Smile Paper Palettes?

The Mona’s Smile disposable palette is great to use with acrylic, gouache, oils, and watercolour paint. The paper provides an excellent mixing surface: Paint brushes, colour shapers, and palette knives can be used to move the medium from the palette and onto the canvas. It’s great for the studio and very convenient for art classes. En plein-air painting (painting outdoors) is made pleasurable and convenient when you pack a Mona’s Smile Paper Palette. Simply tear off the sheet once you have finished using it, fold it up, and dispose of it when you get home. No more paint down the drain and colouring the sinks!

The 9×12 inch Mona’s Smile Paper Palette fits beautifully into the Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed Box and Easel. In fact, all your paints, drawing pads, small canvases, and paint brushes will fit into this convenient, transportable box set. By choosing materials, equipment, and tools designed by Australian artists Nicole Baker and Jessica Skye Baker, you are supporting the vibrant and independent national art and crafts sector and becoming a part of our art-loving community.