Pigment powder Freaky Frida. Are you ready to add some freaky, funky new dimension to your art? Freaky Frida pigment powders make art come alive. They bring subtle metallic shimmers and pearlescent sparkles to almost any media.

You will love how simple it is to create truly unique mixes, finishes and compositions. The result can be as intense or understated as you desire.

Whatever your preferred media, there is a way to use Freaky Frida powders to enhance your work.

The sky is the limit when it comes to getting creative with these fantastic powders. If you can create art with it, you can probably throw in some Freaky Frida.

Add these pigment powders to any kind of paint, acrylics or oils, alcohol inks, encaustic medium, resins or clay. For finishing your work, mix them into your varnishes, wax, or glazes. Apply them to canvas, paper, leather, glass and wood, to name a few options. Get your hands on some Freaky Frida colours for endless art projects, printmaking and craft.

Though the look is wonderfully metallic, these pigment powders do not contain actual metal. There is no fading or tarnishing to worry about; Those spectacular details and finishes you make are going to stay put.

One small pinch of these pigments goes a long way. Sprinkle a fine dusting of colour over a sculpture. Or, throw a generous amount across your canvas for an incredible expressive gesture.

Resin artists, be prepared to become addicted to Freaky Frida pigments. They combine exquisitely with resin; Explore the possibilities of the medium. Push yourself with some new techniques and be amazed at the results.

The powdered pigments can be mixed directly into the resin; This will give you a lovely rich and sparkly coloured resin to pour onto your painting surface. Don’t be shy, though. You can also scatter some pigment directly onto the wet resin. Add more resin pours, and beautiful metallic pigments will hang delightfully trapped within the layers of your artwork.

Watercolours also look amazing with some Freaky Frida in the mix. You might not have thought to add some dreamy pearlescence to your still life or landscape. But, these pigments can add a magical and unexpected hint of glistening lightness to washes and gradients.

Stencilling patterns, text or textures onto your canvas is a great way to put some sparkle in selected areas of your work. Use a matching colour and keep it subtle and refined. Or, go bold with some funky contrast.

Enjoy drawing with ink? Freaky Frida Pigment Powders can be used to mix custom inks. Imagine the possibilities of bronzes, metallic blues and purples, pearlescent greens or hot pink.

If you have never made your own inks, don’t fear. It is incredibly easy.

To create your bespoke inks, you only need to combine the powdered pigment with Gum Arabic and distilled water. Select from the incredible array of colours to develop inks for use with your favourite dip pens. Make thicker or thinner inks to suit your style, and the subject you are drawing. You can mix inks that will sit raised against your paper, and have excellent tactile quality to them.

35 Colours belong to the Pigment Powder Freaky Frida Range

If you have your eye on some crafting projects, there is also almost no end to the ways that these pigment powders can be used. For polymer clays, resin casting, cards and stationery, or candle making, Freaky Frida is sure to become your secret creative weapon.

Honestly, you can put these pigment powders on virtually anything.

Grab some Freaky Frida today. Good luck if you think you can limit yourself to just one colour. We know you’ll be back for more.

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