Silicone Colour Shapers; We think these nifty little tools are truly a revolution.

It is no exaggeration to say that you will wonder how you ever managed to work without these silicone shapers. There is no limit to the jobs they can do.

Do you often find yourself picking up a paintbrush and turning it around to use the handle to work some paint, or sculpt some clay? Try to do a job with a fingernail? Improvise with some folded paper? Or, punishing your brushes doing tasks they aren’t designed for?

Probably sounds familiar. We all come across little tasks in our art, crafting or hobbies where the tool we need doesn’t quite seem to be anything we have.

For detail work, the Warhol’s Wife silicone colour shapers are the answer for many of those little tasks. And, plenty more to boot. They also give you better control, plus precision and consistency.

You will get five silicone tipped tools in this set. Each colour shaper head is made from firm but flexible black silicone.

Create sharp or flowing lines with ease. These super little shapers are absolutely brilliant for anything and everything creative. With these tools you can push around and work with a huge variety of media.

Armed with the Warhol’s Wife silicone colour shapers you can work with clay, on canvas, in journals, on printmaking plates, or even for cake decorating.

Think about mixing, applying and manipulating your acrylics or oil paints. They add new creative possibilities and are a great complement to your brushes and palette knives.

Mould and shape natural and polymer clays and ceramics. Whether you are creating abstract patterns on a vase, or sculpting a tiny ceramic dolls face this is a must-have set.

Apply masking fluid with precision for fine and delicate watercolour compositions. With their firm tips these tools also remove the masking fluid brilliantly when you are done.

Each tool in the set has a different shaped head. You will get a sharp point, cup chisel, flat round, slanted point and a flat tool. Plenty of options for creating new textures and exploring different mark making techniques.

We are sure you are going to love using the Warhol’s Wife silicone colour shapers. They have super comfortable short handles which are easy to move in the hand. Get the precise grip and angle you need to work. If you are dragging a tool across a curved or uneven surface, you can easily follow the flow of your form in a continuous smooth movement.

Are you working on crafts at a small scale? Miniatures? These shapers are specifically designed with intricate work in mind. The heads are small and perfect for executing all kinds of tiny details.

At 165mm/16.5cm long they are also light and easy to store.

The silicone heads also won’t absorb any media. That means clean-up is super easy. Just wipe them clean. You don’t even have to panic if you forget to clean up straight away. Dried painted or glue will peel right off. And, there are no bristles to be damaged.

For any stubborn colours you can use a little solvent on them to assist cleaning, if needed.

Do you work with pastels or charcoal? These shapers are amazing to use for blending and smudging. The flat head works well to drag across and blend adjacent colours. Maybe create bold streaks of blended colour to contrast with the surrounding area. Or, select the tapered point to create soft delicate blends with a high degree of precision.

Cake decorators and sugar crafters, you will definitely want to add these to your kit. As the heads are silicone, you can use these for food crafts. All those lovely tiny pieces you sculpt will be so much easier and quicker to create with a set of Warhol’s Wife silicone colour shapers.

All you need is your imagination.

The Details:

5 piece set of Warhol’s Wife silicone shapers
Firm black silicone heads
Total length: 16.5cm/165mm
Wooden handles
Head shapes: sharp point, cup chisel, flat round, slanted point, and flat