The Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed travel box art easel is designed especially for the artist inside everyone. Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed by Art Materials Australia has listened to customer feedback and created the ultimate travel box easel that anyone can carry, transport, and store. It is lightweight so that transporting it plus your kit is easy breezy. Over any terrain where your artist’s heart takes you, taking your travel box easel with you is a simple affair. Just pick it up and start walking!

Made with professional artists and fledgling artists in mind, the Van Gogh’s Ear woodshed range is like a complete carry-everywhere studio. The brilliant box easel is constructed using high quality, Beechwood. This makes it extremely durable, yet light in weight. The handy timber box looks just like a miniature wooden briefcase. Attention to detail flows through to the finishing touches with elegant brass screws and a hardy brown leather handle. This art case looks good, is easy to use, and very convenient.

When you open up the box, you will find three storage compartments that fit a wide variety of art supplies. Whatever art style you are currently into or are thinking about experimenting with in the future, there will be more than enough space to store your supplies. Whether it’s a drawing box with pencils, paper, and drawing accessories such as paper stumps and manikins, you can keep them with you at all times when you use a travel box easel. You can even turn it into a paint box with paints and paintbrushes because both short and long handles will fit. The Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed travel box easel allows you to even fit an A4 canvas, 9x12inch paper palette, or journal into it too! Each storage compartment is made from removable timber braces that enable you to simply remove them if you want to have a different sized compartment.

The top of the Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed travel box easel can be adjusted into an upright position or any angle on which you prefer to hold your working surface. It’s both canvas and drawing board in one. Your art supplies stay in the box while you work, so this makes it a great compact easel and art storage box.

Imagine throwing your travel box easel into the back of your car and heading for the hills to paint all alone until it is too dark to see. If the mountains and hills aren’t your things then try taking your travel box easel with you the next time you visit the beach. And if you tire of capturing the beautiful sun and sand we have in Australia, believe us when we say that painting, sketching, and watercolours are a fantastic way to meet people who stop to admire your work.

The full height extension of the easel is 54cm/540mm, making it a convenient length for every height. It will hold a larger than A3 size pad, drawing board, or canvas in the portrait and landscape position. The width of the Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed travel box easel is 26.5cm/265mm, and the overall outside depth of the box is 8cm/80mm.

Kids love this travelling box easel. The travel box easel is a great addition to the luggage you take with you in the car or on holidays. It is also favoured by professional artists, especially watercolourists. This is because the paint tubes and other mediums such as masking fluid, paintbrushes, and palette are generally packaged to be slim fitting.