Thankfully, we are no longer limited to doing watercolour on watercolour paper. Painting watercolour on canvas is now a reality thanks to specifically designed and manufactured watercolour painting canvas. This canvas has been treated with a special coating that accepts water-based media so you can paint straight onto it. You can treat this canvas as you would watercolour paper. We have tried and tested many different watercolour brands on these canvases: Art Spectrum, Holbein, Maimeri and Winsor and Newton all dry to reveal bold, vibrant and translucent washes; When we used them, it seemed to bring what’s in the mind onto the canvas in seamless fashion abstracts, landscapes, portraits and still life.

There are so many great things about using a watercolour canvas for your painting base. One of them is you don’t have to frame your artwork. We all know framing can add that little bit extra to the cost of your painting, and if you are selling your artwork or exhibiting, framing can be tricky for all sorts of reasons. The frames aesthetic appeal, colour and size are all factors a buyer will take into account when they are making a decision to purchase your artwork. So, why worry about it if you don’t have to? Not only are watercolour canvases ready to go and look modern, but they also take this traditional medium to a new level. The fine weave on these canvases won’t ruin your delicate Hake and watercolour brushes as they will glide over the canvas surface.

No Priming Necessary

With these watercolour canvases, there’s no need to fuss around with gesso and watercolour ground to increase absorbency.

There’s a reason why, in art, many artists prefer paper as a substrate for watercolour painting; It’s to make the best use of the medium’s luminous and transparent qualities. However, sometimes this standard watercolour practise just doesn’t give you the exact effects that you are going for. This is the time to break away from the norm and begin playing around with different materials. Maybe, it’s time for you to see what happens when you use watercolour paint on an unknown surface in your milieu.

What is in the Making of your Art Materials Australia Watercolour Canvas

The Art Materials Australia watercolour canvases are a professional grade canvas that is acid-free and non-yellowing. They are made from 100% natural cotton of 250gsm and have been stretched over a 35/38mm frame with staple free edges. At the back of the canvas, there is a one-inch overwrap of the canvas if re-stretching needs to be an option. The Art Materials Australia watercolour canvas is beautiful to paint on, and once you have given them a try you are sure to fall in love with them.