Artist canvases; If you like quality then you will love the Warhol’s Wife gallery premium stretched canvas collection. This range of gallery standard canvases has been designed by Australian artists Nicole Baker and Jessica Skye Baker at the

Warhol’s Wife gallery quality stretched canvases feature a beautiful dense canvas that is completely archival and opaque. The triple primed 100% cotton 10oz canvas suits a variety of media from acrylic, oil, and mixed media. If you want to get experimental with gouache and watercolour, these canvases are ideal to use.

You can easily use traditional tube paints and paint from a palette or grab a palette knife and create thick textural impasto marks on a Warhol’s Wife canvas. If you would like to do some sketching or mark making with oil sticks and solvents, then the Warhol’s Wife gallery stretched canvases will be right up your alley.

Thinking about being experimental or want to think outside the box? These canvas surfaces enable you to be bold and brave with masking fluids and watercolour washes. The heavy-duty cotton canvas and pine frame featured in the Warhol’s Wife canvas collection are strong enough to hold many impasto layers and resin. The possibilities are endless.

Artist Cotton Canvases with a BANG

Brush, paint, palette knife, and pour your mediums on the Warhol’s Wife canvases and be confident your frames are going to stay intact. The Warhol’s Wife kiln-dried stretcher bars will aid in combating bowing and warping.

When you know you are working with the best equipment and are completely assured that your canvas is high-quality, it makes creating so much easier. The Warhol’s Wife gallery stretched canvases are triple primed with acid free, non-toxic, non-yellowing titanium gesso. They are certainly not going to fall apart in a few years’ time after you have created your masterpiece! The pigment colours will stay rich and vibrant on these premium grade canvases too, because the surface has been treated with the finest of preparations.

The superior pine bracing on the Warhol’s Wife premium stretched canvases are secure and strong. The deep profile of the canvas measures 3.9 cm or 1 ½ inches in depth, the cotton canvas is hand stretched over a kiln-dried pine frame to reveal a clean, beautiful staple-free edge.

Each canvas size in the Warhol’s Wife range features extra bracing – something that many other canvases in the art supplies market don’t have. Each pine bracing in the back of the frame measure 3.5 cm in width and  in depth. The timber corners of the stretcher frames are also mitred with finger joins that allow for extra superior strength. Each cotton canvas corner of the Warhol’s Wife premium canvas is hand folded to perfection, which better showcases the neatly tidy edges.

Exhibit with the Warhol’s Wife Canvases

If you are preparing for an exhibition, you can be confident when you take your canvases to the gallery that they are one of the finest made art materials on the Australian market. The 3.9 cm deep profile edge of the Warhol’s Wife canvases need no further framing after hanging them on the wall. The canvas itself will sit flush and stand out from the wall surface, giving a clean, contemporary, edgy look.

All you will need to do in order to hang your canvas, is screw in two D-hooks and attach and secure 2mm soft nylon cord. If you would like to frame your artwork, then an oak, white, or black timber box or shadow frame will sit beautifully around the edges of the canvases to provide them with a more polished look.

The Warhol’s Wife premium stretched canvases are popular with artists and creators of all different levels. From professional exhibiting artists, intermediates, hobbyists, beginners, and students. These superior quality canvases provide a sturdy support for all media applications. There is no need for surface preparation simply place your canvas on an easel or table and start creating!

Warhol’s Wife Artist Canvases Size Range:

20 x 30 Inch (50cm x 76cm)

24 x 30 Inch (60cm x 76cm)

30 x 40 Inch (76cm x 101cm)

36 x 48 Inch (91cm x 121cm)