9 Piece Pro Hart Swagger Handmade Chunking Flat Artist Paint Brushes

Best artist Hog paintbrushes; Artists on a style mission

We are artists on a journey to deliver you sassiness and quality. Our art company has been running for over a decade now.

The Pro Hart Swagger range has been very proudly designed by Australian artists. Artists with a passion and flair for the best art supplies.

In our own practices we were getting bored of always seeing the most basic and drab looking paint brushes. Yet when we looked around the rest of our world we saw many fun and funky designs. We love pop art and are drawn to the new age abstract culture.

So, what we did was create a paint brush that is more like a pair of Gucci shoes, than a run of the mill pair of sandals.

We are professional artists and we wanted our painting accessories to look the part. To be fun and inspiring to use, but with absolutely no compromise.

The brushes had to be superior to the competition. And, amazing to use. They had to feel good and be made with the upmost attention to detail. There was tons of research and testing involved. Plus some play along the way as we tried out all the different brush samples.

The outcome is a super attractive mixed media paint brush which screams quality and style.

After all, these svelte, sexy beasts couldn’t just be nice to look at. We demanded substance and performance from them, too.

There is no limit to how you can use these Pro Hart Swagger Chunking Paint Brushes. They have a place being used with a full range of wet media.

These brushes can be used equally well for traditional painting techniques, as for any contemporary techniques you can imagine. Or invent.

We use only interlocked Chungking bristles

The range of Pro Hart Swagger Chunking Paint Brushes uses Chungking bristles. Sourced from hogs raised in the region around Chungking in China, these bristles are considered the finest quality. Chunking can be found around the world, but bristles from this region are the most sought after.

These Chungking bristles are well known for their long, full flags. You can think of flags as pretty much like split ends. When the bristle hairs grow they divide into two or more tips. The deep and numerous flags give the paint brushes their fullness.

If you take a feel of the hairs on these paint brushes they are amazingly thick and luxurious. As well as durable. You will find they have an outstanding ability to pick up and hold a large amount of medium in the brush.

Another marker of high quality is the interlocked bristles of these Chunking paint brushes. All bristles have a natural curve to them after they have been boiled and dried. Interlocking means all the curves have been carefully positioned to create the shape of the brush.

The natural curve and the interlocking method gives a brush which is tight and precise. It will stay true and maintain its shape over time. And, resist splaying or becoming misshapen with use. Even if you are putting the brush into harsh solvents.

Plenty to be impressed by in this range of brushes. Even under constant use, the superior quality bristles are less likely to lose their form and deteriorate compared to other hog hair brush brands.

You will love creating with this Pro Hart Swagger set the best artist Hog paintbrushes

Painting with these brushes simply feels great. You have beautiful long, 25cm handles to work with. They are nicely weighted and give you lots of options on how you can hold the brush.

In this set of nine hog hair paint brushes you get a range of flat size brushes. Attaching the bristles is a heavy nickle-plated brass ferrule.

Check out the stunning orange and salmon pink handles.

These handles are something of a designer creation themselves. As with the rest of the Pro Hart Swagger range, these feature crackle finished handles. Each handle is individually glazed and cracked, making it completely unique.

This is a brilliant set to get you started with the Pro Hart Swagger range. There are more excellent hog hair paint brushes to select from that we are sure you will be back for.

Best artist Hog Paintbrushes

9 piece set of flat paint brushes
Long 25cm timber handles
No.20: 5cm wide, 4.5cm bristle length

No.16: 3.5cm wide, just over 3cm bristle length
No.12: 2.5cm wide, 3cm bristle length
No.10: 2cm wide, 2.5cm hair length
No.8: 1.5cm wide, 2cm hair length
No.6: 1.2cm wide, 1.8cm bristle length
No.4: 1cm wide, 1.2cm bristle lengthNo.2: 0.6cm wide, 0.9cm bristle length
No.1: 0.5cm wide, 0.6cm bristle length

Artists Nicole Baker and Jessica Skye Baker