250gm Sumi Ink in the Art Supplies World

Black Sumi ink is an amazingly versatile medium. While it is quite popular with calligraphy artists, it can be used for beautiful monochromatic paintings and brush hand lettering.

Sumi ink is traditionally a black Chinese calligraphy and painting ink that works seamlessly on Japanese rice paper, Awagami papers, watercolour paper, and Yupo paper. This beautiful deep matte liquid ink flows smoothly from bamboo calligraphy pens, calligraphy brushes, fluid paintbrushes, natural sable haired watercolour paintbrushes, and traditional dip pens.

Sumi ink is not diluted at all so a tiny drop will go a long way. Blend and work the ink in monotone paintings or add it to an existing piece of artwork. You can extend and moisten the ink with a drop of water to make it flow seamlessly in ink paintings. By adding 3 to 4 drops of water to your canvas or to the ink directly, you can play with the opacity to create light, medium, and dark areas, creating interest and highlighting different elements in your painting. This technique is similar to wet on wet watercolour painting but since ink travels faster, the results are more pronounced. It will dry matte and not lose any of its dark properties. The same Sumi ink techniques can be applied for brush lettering.

Layering watered-down Sumi ink on a piece of quality 300gsm paper can create beautiful flowing effects. It can also smooth intense outlines for contrast or make silhouettes with a single brush stroke. The rich and velvety opaqueness of undiluted Sumi ink can cover other mediums such as acrylic inks, shellac inks, and watercolour paints with ease.

If you are into urban sketching or traditional comic sketching the ink can be used with traditional calligraphy pens or poured into fluid brushes. Crosshatching, lines, stippling, and patterns can be created to form quick sketches on the go.

When writing with Sumi ink and a dip pen, traditional parchment calligraphy paper can be used with some practice blotting paper. Hand lettering is an up-and-coming trend in the art world. Take your work to the next level and complement it with a traditional coloured wax seal.

Draw outlines for comic books and graphic novels, craft a beautifully handwritten letter to send a loved one in the mail, or create wonderfully deep contrast in watercolour paintings. It can also be used in a variety of different pens and brushes and on a multitude of papers and canvas. The possibilities of Sumi ink are only limited by your own imagination.